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The mission of the Rutherford Winans Academy is to prepare students for academic and performing arts excellence. We expose our students to classical as well as contemporary music.  We have beginning and advanced  dance and drama as well as art classes.  

Rutherford Winans Academy began in 1997 by Marvin L. Winans, the grammy-winning artist of the famed ‘Winans’ gospel group.  The school started with grades K-5 and 248 students and one grade was added every year until the school reached 8th grade.  The school emphasizes a commitment to excellence and Chancellor Winans is motivated to have each student achieve their highest goals.  

The mission of the Academy is to prepare students for academic and performing arts excellence and responsible citizenship.


 The Academy is a Michigan public charter school serving grades K-8.  The district consists of 2 schools on two campuses.   Both campuses provide a safe and positive environment in which students can learn. 

The Academy offers a performing arts curriculum.  The award winning performing arts department allows students to express themselves creatively while giving them exposure to the fine arts.  Classes include dance, art, music and drama, all of which have been recognized in competitions and exhibitions locally and nationally.

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